Blixemi - "Rewind" Blixemi lyrics

(Bluestar) Time
You've got nothing but time left now.
To let your fire shine.
Shine brightly for me.
And do
Please do all that you can do.
Do all I wasn't able to.
But, do it for you.
If I could rewind, change my mind and do it all again
Mother said kittens must stay in the den now.
Might be Starclan's light.
All I ever wanted was to be something more...
Come on Leafkit, I've never gone out at night before!
Walk without the stars.
I'm not fine
You left me
I don't know how we ended up here!
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Half-blooded, mind's flooded,
in a lake of doubt.
Am I the punishment provided for love not allowed?
Light the way,
Its not up for us to change
I can feel my heart beat racing
You wont be alone...

One... not two
Thunder, river, shadow, wind and sky
Could I leave it all, behind
I'm gunna make my moment momentous
Its all i lived for...
Go now it's your time
And I'll be right there by your side.
Stride for stride.

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