Blixemi - "Rewind" Blixemi lyrics

"Rewind" Blixemi lyrics


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(Bluestar) Time You've got nothing but time left now. To let your fire shine. Shine brightly for me. And do Please do all that you can do. Do all I wasn't able to. But, do it for you. (Feathertail) If I could rewind, change my mind and do it all again (Leafkit) Mother said kittens must stay in the den now. (Brightheart) Might be Starclan's light. (Hollyleaf) All I ever wanted was to be something more... (Squirrelkit) Come on Leafkit, I've never gone out at night before! (Leafpool) Walk without the stars. I'm not fine You left me (???) I don't know how we ended up here! (Hollyleaf) Half-blooded, mind's flooded, in a lake of doubt. Am I the punishment provided for love not allowed? (Bluestar) Light the way, (Brightpaw) Its not up for us to change (Feathertail) I can feel my heart beat racing (Bluestar) You wont be alone... (Feathertail) One... not two (Mapleshade) Thunder, river, shadow, wind and sky (Feathertail) Could I leave it all, behind (Swiftpaw) I'm gunna make my moment momentous (Hollyleaf) Its all i lived for... (Bluestar) Go now it's your time And I'll be right there by your side. Stride for stride.

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