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Bliss N Eso - .Smoke Like A Fire lyrics

Dresses up like the Joker
Ready for a good night
Happy on the handlebars of a push bike
(What it look like)
It look's like the Wu's in this
And I'm about to blow this booth to bits
So buckle up, click clack front and back
I'm on point bi*ch
They'll never win against a double headed coin flip
Spitting pictures with the RZA, howling
All the way from Syd city to Shaolin
The King Kong chief chonga
Big bonger, beat bomber
Double barrel cone puncher, bone crusher
The stone chucker with devils in his eyes
I can't tell if this is hell, or heaven in disguise
Either way I'm 'a spit rounds of dope shit
I even taught bliss how to smoke, bitch
So why so serious?
Puts your fist in the air for this hydro lyricist
Smoke like a fire, drink like a fish
Hope when I'm broke, Think like I'm rich
I had a nightmare, that I slept for lightyear
A thousand tracks was going in my right ear
Then I found myself trapped in a circle
With Eso and Bliss puffing on that purple bong
You trapped me in the closet like my girls shoe
Hip-hop done changed the whole worlds view
I mighty like Joe Young, my son carries a blow gun
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We roam like we're chased by the Shogun Lou Pine, wolf and cub, plastic
Lying flat on my rug
This is the microphone bullying boy
Don't try to strike me
It's Crooklyn, do the right thing like Spike Lee
For real, Once I get a puff on that I'll
I get wild like Uma trying to Kill Bill
Smoke like a fire, drink like a fish
Hope when I'm broke, Think like I'm rich
Deep in the woods, out in a lonely cabin
Chronic capsule flying on my Doshja dragon
The chameleon holographic craft
Bought a bag of hash for an automatic blast
Beam me up Scotty, I'm ascending to the stars
Catch me with the Abbot
Where I'm tending to my gardens
Running on air through the night till the morning
Flying colours like killer bee's swarming
Buzzing through to BnE town Sydney
Spot my smoke signal out my greenhouse chimmney
You'll see in every village,
Mary comes to meet us
State to state
Another brother bearing bud to greet us
When we roll through hear us rock all the bells
And I told you it's beer o clock all is well
So let's all this good reefer
The outcast, outback, racing bush cheetah
Smoke like a fire, drink like a fish
Hope when I'm broke, Think like I'm rich

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