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What have you got there, one of your paintings? Yes, it's a Work that I'm rather fond of. A Good piece of abstract painting don't you think? Yeah, it's umm, oh, hmmm, it's Remarkable; It's certainly got a lot of colour No doubt about that. What does it represent? It's a picture, an independent entity, there's no reason to imitate something else. Hmm I suppose not, it's just that I'm sort of used to looking at pictures of people, and object and you know. Why? Why? Well it's umm ah ummm, why? If you want a house or a flower you'll go and look at it, or if you want them represented you can have the photographed, so then why allow them to intrude into pictures? Yeah, yeah umm I guess your right. Well if you young fellows excuse me I think I'll take the flowers in and put them in some water Even Though we got 2 albums this one feels like the beginning. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

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