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Blis. - Take Me Home lyrics

The boys and girls they fuck inside of muddy water
They spread their seed and spread their love
Their brothers taught them how to swear and how to use "it"
Father taught them not at all

Dad I don't care I don't want to fix it
I don't need your love anymore
And you can talk all you want, but I won't listen
Mommy's gonna pick me up and take me home

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I see why you're not here right now
Time won't let you remiss what you did
And I know it's been quiet around
I just enjoyed the silence after all of it

You'd love nothing more, for me to hold you, say "I love you" and believe it's true
Sometimes I feel sorry for you
I don't care, old man, wear my ass out again
You must be so alone
Take me home

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