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Blaklez - Ugly (Ho Lokile) lyrics

[Verse 1]
How's your life going?
Has it been stressful?
Are you depressed, heartbroken?
Are you just dead broke
They say just do it, check the cheques
Ain't got no cheques though
Get it off your chest
Give it to God and let the rest go
If you are greatful crack a smile
O e tshware net so
We ain't got a lot of money with us
But we blessed bro
To my family from Bothithong to Klerksdorp
Lehurutshe, Pitori, Mafikeng, don't let yourselves go
We not defined by poverty
So o re shebe properly
The devil thinks he has us
We God's property
The village and the ghetto are a part of me
Pardon me
I still go twork to do
So don't be proud of me
Object words like If, But, Never, Maybe or Probably
Siyabekezele, we don't quit
Quitting is cowardly
Men or mice, pick a struggle
Integrity, cheddar cheese
False prophets pharacies, miss me with the fallacies
Everything that I speak on beats, ja e tsena deep
The modern day Fela Kuti
I'm healing with melodies
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Eh holokile
Eh ntate

[Verse 2]
We weather the storm
We were born and raised by kings and queens
Put on this earth, to bring change and do amazing things
The love of Jesus Christ keeps me going,so I take it in
I let it protect me when the devil tryna make it in
It's a miracle that we survive the gun shots
And if you're going through any type of pain
Then you're one of us
Chasing success, re batla dintlo tsa majaba-jaba
Thank you to my step mother
Lerato lago le a makatsa
So called preachers make my people's pain a little worse
From the prophet of doom to that pastor of that river church
Don't try test me dog, I might just dish your little dirt
On this industry and on your pocket
Trust me son, it'll hurt
Khululeka mgan' wam 'cause rhelemqe is die khahlam
I don't play that game, bad vibes
Phuma kimi satan
Ba re settle down boy, o tlogele go sasanka
My father says to find a wife but do I really want one though
Who can you trust in a world full of deceitful beings
I only see the need for me to only see the dream

Eh holokile
Eh ntate

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