Blake - Flexin lyrics

Flexin on n***as I'm extra
Watch how I apply that pressure
My b**h look like Cinderella
Shawty gave me head in her sketchers
Brand new b**h, I don't need her
Oh I'm trash, Why you begging for a feature?
I think n***as gone need a plan B
Cuz I come to hard through the speakers
Wait, Panoramic roof in the whip
Pop out the cut, let it rip
On my P's and Q's, Ion slip
Never kiss that b**h up on her lips
Whole lotta sh** went left
Had to get right by myself
Spent about 5 on my waist but these little n***as bouta make me take off my belt
Got a whole lotta benjis
b**hes on my dick sitting pretty
You you f**ing with me, you silly
Age 18 bought a E-350
Now my wrist real frozen like Disney
b**h no please, I can't take no pictures
No, I can't follow back on twitter
But look, Imma hit that p**y with a favorite
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And Imma leave it with a retweet to my n***as
Aye, Really spent a rack on my wrist
Aye, Imma watch these n***as throw a fit
You in love with her?
What a coincidence
Stop tripping n***a that's both our b**h
n***a why you mad?
Are you sad?
I like to tweet, tweet, tweet, heada**
I'm broke so I'm mad looking a**
Funny a** n***a, get off your a** and get some cash
Pull off in a jag
n***a might just pull off in a jag
Ain't no breaks, straight gas
200 on the dash
Y'all n***as talk to much
Now I'm on your motherf**ing a**
Yea I got them racks
So Imma cash out at Saks
Imma hit that b**h from the back
And 'member if they ask
I'm in my own lane, If they really wanna know where I'm at

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