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Blake Mills - Always This Way lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'd like to say that I could've stayed
But she didn't want me to
I'd like to know if she had to go
Or if she made a point to

It's so hard to say
"Is it always this way?"
Must every heart break
Like a wave on the bay

[Verse 2]
Like to think that we're all a link
In what makes the world go round
Lately I wonder if all my pondering's
Taken up too much ground

I make my own way
So at the end of the day
At least I can say
That my debts have been paid

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[Verse 3]
25 years, nothing to show for it
Nothing of any weight
25 more, will I never learn from it
Never learn from my mistakes

It's too soon to say
"Was I always this way?"
Well at the end of the day
My debts have been paid

[Verse 4]
Now she's gone and I'm all alone
And she will not be replaced
Stare at the phone, try to carry on
But I have made my mistake

At the end of the day
At least I can say
I made my own way
And my debts have been paid


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