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Blake (Dutch Rapper) - Hello There lyrics

Pop out the cut like hello there
Roll wit some niggas who dont care
Please nigga, please nigga, lets not go there
Pull up on a.. OH YEA OH YEA
(Verse 1)
I've been making moves on the D low
On a title like it's a faripo, I feel it's Highkey though
Ain't got no time as far as she goes
But that ass is as big as my ego like i'm moving a kilo
Pop out the cut just like Jason
Pop out the cut just like Debo
Heart stay on Frio
You and her butt's considered mojo
Callate lo sico, when i pop out don't act like mi amigo
Osana, keep that shit on like sauna
Do magic like Casmo and Wanda
I am your honor
Me and ??? back and blow ???, like way past a highschool diploma
Nigga do you hear me? Nigga do you hear me do you feel me?
Looks like imma bout' to rock in a remi
These lyrics is heat
Just like that mutha fuckin semi
With a verse, nigga thats a pretty penny
Iv'e been to over
Ride on that Blake roller coaster
Leave them with stories like Oprah
Imma cane just like nova
They dont understand that its over
Couldn't handle me if i came with a controller
In love with it all, Yea im in love with a doll
I'm an animal and i feel like a dog
But at the end of it all, I deserve a round of applause
Nigga i deserve a round of applause
Pop out the cut like hello there
Roll with some niggas who dont care
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I spy my target and im just here like 'WHoa THere'
Please nigga, Please nigga lets not go there
Working all night, it's the same durin the summer
Started doing numbers, now she want my number
Now she on my log like she working with the lumbers
Trina lock a nigga down, now she sees that i'm a stuner

(Verse 2)
See im headin for your neck
And my kid get upset
Piss of boy imma motha fucking threat
Keep ice on deck, got dodi on the deck
Im a Texas boy, blasting with that Texas Tech
And if you ain't know i'm bout' my set
Fuck any hoe cause i ain't turning down sex
She fucking with a nigga cause she know i keep it wet
Imma pet that pussy, girl i treat it like a pet
And my ??? fittin blow no explosives
They say im that rap god
BITch they know that I was chosen
Life's a game, i got tokens
Whatcha mean boy i'm holdin
Hit it once I bet you coastin
Up and down im roller coastin
Beat that pussy, hulk hogan
She got ass, girl you pokin
Pop out the cut like hello there
My diamonds, they dancin i know that you noticed
You runnin your mouth, my gun get to scopin
We rappin yo body, get dumped in helotes
You don't wanna die to yooouuunnnggg
You postin malone
DODI DODI thats my slogan

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