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Blake C - Looking For A Lady lyrics

[Intro: Diddy]
Yo, can y'all hear me out there? Haha. C'mon. I like this right here. Yeah, c'mon. Rock the girls. Unda. It's been a long time coming playa. (Cease-A-Leo The Great) Cease-A-Leo The Great. (And he won't stop) And he won't stop

[Verse One: Lil' Cease]
I'm like Wilhelmina
Fashion statement, know what I meana?
Cease don't love hoes, call me a speeder
Call Brita, I'll f** or never eat her
If the head is good, I'll never leave her
Especially, if she look like a diva
I heard she got cash and Visa
I heard her dyke friend Lisa
Fanny about twice the size, I can get up in her
[?] dig up my nose, I'd a pick a winner
Just cause you think you s** a dick you deserve dinner?
I got more hoes than a hair and nail center
My two fingers, six figures, watch it glitter
Cold blind ya n***a
One size can fit ya
32 waist, fat a**, get the picture?
I'm a little n***a with big pockets that'll get ya
With a baby face, look tender but I'll blaze the place
With my man Blake, raise the stakes

[Hook: Blake C] {x2}
Guess who it is, Cease-A-Leo baby
My choice since then, looking for a lady
Need one for life, not temporarily
Mistake s** for love, you must be crazy

[Verse Two: Lil' Cease]
All I need is a chick that give B.J.s and get weeded
Watching my video, my Lamborghini the meanest
Thick, five feeted
Shout to the restaurant food, I'm 'bout to eat it
She wanna feed it
Hit the bathroom, go home and beat it
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The tip I left, waiter said, "Thanks I need it"
Said, "What's your name?"
"I can't believe it
Can't wait to tell my kids, they won't believe this
My kids, love you. Number seven is my cut
Play it back so much, you thought the CD was stuck
Plus I spend my last buck on anything you spit on or touch
Sa**y, cla**y, love it the way you keep it on the hush."
Just the God in us
Put my faith in Him and that's enough
What? What? What? What?


[Verse Three: Blake C]
Who said Cease can't make a girl from the hood
Shake your head, celeb, I take 'em straight out the hood
Ma, it's all good
For me, knock on wood
That was before now, if I want to f** you I could

[Lil Cease]
It started in Bedstuy, now we fled the state
Y'all can't stand the led we spray
f** a b**h that scream "Leo Dansa, I wanna stay, day by day."
Play by play, you ain't sh**, you lay
We're the first, second and third lay
Plus she pretty as a mermaid
If not, keep the b**h in the birdcage
In the worst way, look sad like a hearse day
Satisfy me right you can get the Hondai
XL, and you can excel up a one way
Easypa** work for Monday/Friday
Saturday, Sunday, my day, my way
Nothing but head, get it compadre?


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