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Blake (Blake Harman) - Fantasia (Feat. HVN+) lyrics

[Verse 1: blake]
Now I'm on my own, yeah
We're talkin on the phone, yeah
She's talkin up a storm, yeah
Some things I'm tryna hold in
It's crazy how it goes now
Goin back and forth now
The liquor got me thinkin different
Hop in the Bentley chop the top off in the new edition
Where you at, where you been, what's your side now
In my cup, purple ice, gotta lie down
Take a month to myself, tryna find out
Who I am, crazy thoughts in my mind now
I can't fall down
I'm too aggressive
Tell you that I miss you then delete the message
Tell you that I'm sorry then forget to send it
Never gave a fuck so she knows I meant it
Whole city gonna eat me up now
In Los Angeles, I'm feelin pretty left out
Plug dropped me off an eighth
With a blonde I've been fuckin on the side but it's fake'

[Chorus: blake]
They can't find out
They can't find out
Fantasia, fantasia, fantasia
They won't find out
On my mind now
Fantasia, fantasia

[Verse 2: HVN+]
Don't call my phone at midnight
Unless you tryna get right
Cuz girl you know I spit, right
It's gonna be a long night I told her sit tight, ohh
Heavy weight I got the title
So I don't even got the time, no
Why you always go where I go
I'm the coldest nigga I know
Swear to God right hand layin on the bible
I got hella main chicks, Ion't got no side hoes
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Yeah I'm fresh and I'm clean, but I'm hella grime though
Gotta flex on the scene, that's just how the grind go
Yeah I'm chasin my dreams til the day that I blow
Blowin vegetable green so it make my time slow
Switchin lanes in the Beam in a different time zone
But it ain't what it seems, I can't wait til' I'm home
Yeah, I'm comin home to fantasia
Ay, I can't wait til I'm home
I'm comin home to fantasia, yeah

[Bridge: HVN+]
I'm comin home to fantasia
Comin home to fantasia
Fantasia, fantasia
Yeah, ay fantasia
Fantasia, fantasia

[Chorus: HVN+ & blake]
I'm comin home to fantasia
Fantasia, fantasia, fantasia

[Verse 3: blake]
Every night I think I'm seein someone different
Windows down, I'm smokin loud with several women
Hold the phone, don't cut me off cuz I'm not finished
Been awhile since I heard my own opinion
Take two on the counter, smashin' pills up
Take two, just in case she think she fucked up
Two nights in the city, that was too much
Two girls and they both think they're in love
Now it's hard to find myself when I can't find you
When I'm drivin' past the crib I wanna slide through
Other women love me, got their fuckin eyes glued
But I don't give a fuck cuz I want you

[Outro: blake]
It's like she doesn't care now
It's like I'm unprepared now
It's like she doesn't care now
I guess she don't care anymore
Fantasia, woah
Woah, oh
It's like she doesn't care now

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