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Blac Youngsta - Venting lyrics

Boosie The First n***a To Make Me Cry
When I Lost My Brother I Wanted To Die
Jesus The First n***a To Make Me Trap
Guwop The First n***a To Make Me Slide
Gotti The First n***a To Make Me Vibe
I Was Like Damn That sh** Sly, That Big Forehead Ahh n***a Bumping, I Was Like Damn That sh** A Ride
I Remember Walking To Pine Hill Pool I Was Like Bruh I'm Tied, I'm Sick Of This sh**, I Gotta Put My Hand On Some Fie, Im Sick Of This Life, I'm Drinking Lean So I Can Die. Just Know When I Go, I'm Going Out Fly.
Thank Jesus
I Wish Ian Have To Look In The Eyes Of My Mother,
Wish I Could've Died For My Brother, I'll Lay It Down For My Brother, If I Would've Been There Wit Him Then I Would've Fied For My Brother.
They Said I'll Go To Jail If I Lie, But I'll Still Lie Wit My Brother.
Thank God Everybody Threw A Cross At Me Before I Got Rich.
Thank God For All the Real n***as He Blessed Me Wit And They Didn't Switch.
Thank God For Making Me Dump That b**h Cuz She Wasn't sh**.
Thank God For Getting Me Out The Car Wit Them f** n***as Cuz I Didn't Fit.
Look At Me Momma I Made It
Look At Me Grandma I Made It, Yeen Gotta Struggle Nomo You Took Care Of Me Since I Was A Baby
When I Was A Teenager, I Know I Drove You Crazy
Them n***as Been Hating Me, It Did No Phase Me
f** Boy You Gotta Sign In, Then You Know U Gotta Sign Out
Ion Know Where The f** Boy Live, But I Can't Wait To Find Out
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Let Me Find Out You Hiding Out
What You Stand For? What You Dying Bout?
Let Me Found Out When You Got Sentenced By The Judge You Was Wying Bout It.
Let Me Found Out The Police Told You To Find Out
Let Me Found Out When Youn Found Out, Did You Tell'em Everything You Found Out
I Be Really Wanting To Put Some Money In My Hood But These n***as Disloyal
I Be Really Wanting To Go f** Wit My Daddy But He Wasn't Here For Me
I Be Really Wanting To Put Some Trust In My b**h But She Ain't Loyal
I Be Really Wanting To Listen To My Momma When She Say The b**h Ain't For Ya
I Be Really Wanting To Take My Side b**h Shopping But I Can't Spoil Ha
I Can't Treat You Like My Main b**h And I Can't Love Ya
I Don't Give A f** About The Past, I Done Gave The Streets All I Had, I Done Gave n***as My Last
Did You Rob Him In A Ski Mask?
Was His Innocent Bystanders Out There?
Did You Tell'em Move Before You Blasted?
I Know The Devil Tryna Curse Me, But Tell That n***a I'll Pa**
They Know Im A Mf Dog,
I Know They Wanna Put Me To Sleep
I Wanna See My Momma In Peace
And Move My Grandmomma Of McMillie St.
Real sh**, That's All I Ask You For Lord
Thank God

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