Billie Marten - Hello Sunshine lyrics

Well I'm sorry if I seem sad to you
I can't help the dreams I've had
Why am I so damn attached to greying

It's a game that I've had trouble playing

There's an old man and the sea
He's going to a land of yellow seed
How I wish I was like him, all-knowing
How he sees the salt in which to swim
Then my eyes would not end up this dim
And then I could shed this water skin

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Oh, sorrow's coming again
My old friend
Still we run on
It plays over again
Here in my head
With or without
And I know I'd do it again
But until then, smile with me now
And smile with me now

In the end we'll find our boats and sail them
To this land of isles remote
And bathe in the light, the lemon light
Hello sunshine, it's nice to meet you

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