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Beyonce - 632-5792 lyrics

[Verse 1:]
(Hello) Hello
How are you (oh)
I just called to say: hi, how are you
You know I had some things to do
Go lean up in me
You know
I guess I was kind of shy about
Someone who writes poetry
Or maybe you can sing?
Maybe you can sing a song, mmm

(Tonight on the telephone)

(I dial...)

6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (Is that your number?)
63-25-7-92 (Mmm)
63-25-7-92 (He said: call me anytime)

[Verse 2:]
We talked about love songs (On and on and on)
There's nothing wrong with calling a quiet storm
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And having them play a song for me
A song for you, a song for me, a greater song
Is it too late and I can't wait
I have to go to sleep
I'm happy I will speak
But maybe I will be dreaming

Dream Of You
And we sing a lullaby (sing a lullaby)
Underneath a cherry tree
A soft breeze pa**es by
And carries us away
High in the sky
When I awake
(You know I'm going to dial)

6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (Sing me a lullaby)
63-25-7-92 (I think I'll call you tonight)
6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (Oohhh)
63-25-7-92 (Yeah)
6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (You baby)
63-25-7-92 (Oohh oh oh yeah)
6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (You and me)
6-3-2-5-7-9-2 (I just called to say hi)
[Fades Off]

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