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Bettye Swann - I'm Lonely For You lyrics

Oh, they say that into each lie
Some rain must blow
And the tears as only rain
To make love blow
But I've been crying, uh, for days
And all I've got to show for it
Is swollen face, no
Tears can help me by
Answers to the problems you left behind
Tears can help me high
This emptiness that I feel inside
Only your love can save me
Where are you, baby?
I'm lonely for you, baby
I'm so lonely for you

Listen now
Over and over
I keep telling myself
You had to have a reason to go
Looking for the love of someone else
If you're looking for true love
You've left it behind
Anything else she wants that I don't have
I'll help you back
I've got a hunch where you are
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And what you up to, oh baby
This you don't have to do
If there is any doubt to the man who loves you
Let me remove it
Just bring it on home to me baby
Let me through

They say that
Time heals a broken heart
But if that's the case, honey
Time is going to spar, no
Because you'd been gone
Oh, so long
And I'm just as downheated
As I was when you left home

It's time that I realize
The time ain't on my side, honey
Time and time again
I'll try to love again
But now was deny
Only your love can see me
Where are you, baby?
I'm lonely for you, baby
I'm so lonely for you
I'm lonely for you
I'm lonely for you

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