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Better Than A Thousand - It Never Rains lyrics

You couldn't stand it
You always demanded some attention.
I'll be damned if I understand
why you always have to have your name mentioned.
You thought that's what you wanted - you thought you knew.
But you never really had a clue.

It never rains.
But watch out when it pours.
Play the fame game isn't it strange f** with your brain.
Who's now your friend and who's now your fan?
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They're not the same.
They don't want to know you, they just want to hold you,
and then let you go.
But you just hated being in the shadows - so here you go.

It never rains.
But watch out when it pours.

They'll love you without reason and they'll hate you too.
For just being the person you are and doing what you do.
But you really know it's the same foolish you.

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