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Better Than A Thousand - Apology lyrics

Ingenious ways of wasting time.
Misused intelligence seems like a crime.
Internet gossip got you glued to the screen.
Ignoring the world beyond your five favourite zines.

And I'm sorry for the apathy.
And I'm sorry for the lethargy.
Won't let it get a hold of me.
Cause I won't settle for mediocrity.

I heard your plans,
please go through with it.
I won't criticize,
I've got no use for it.
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Armchair critics?!
They already blew it.
Let the dogs bark -
I'm just going to do it.

The way we walk,
or talk we've just been playing.
We've been playing these roles.
Its plain to see we've lost sight of our goals.
Oh yes, just obsessed to impress.
Is that what -
is that what we consider success.
Consider success.
Consider success.

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