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Better Off - Better Off lyrics

Better Off

Yeah, I'm thinking bout you, but it's just...

Sometimes i think you're better off... (X8)

Verse 1:
Damn, this beat too chill
But is this love so real
I feel so ill
Another n***a touch you then he might get k**ed
But f** we broke up
We f**ed then made up
You screaming f** how I feel
But when we're f**ing it's real
Sometimes I don't know what this love makes up
To, wonder how the hell I still love you
Even though it's hell when I'm around you
And damn that's some sh**
Said you hate me then you love me sending nudes and sh**
And I'm clueless asf
Don't know what we're doing
Your ex asked if you were available
Said no cause his love you shouldn't be pursuing
Had to keep the breakup steady on the dl
Cried then said oh well
Then cried again after I realized I lost you
I lost too. Told you I'm a f**up when it comes to you
I mean, all is fair in love and war
But how we both lose both
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I really had no clue from the start
So that's why I wanted to tell you...

Chorus (x8)

Verse 2:
Walking past your crib
Chest immediate hurt
And I think about the times
When I thought it'll work
Damn your love was amazing
But yeah the sh** was advanced
Ima intermediate a** n***a
So nah baby I didn't have a plan
Thought it was Netflix and chill
But the Netflix got k**ed
After we fell apart didn't know what to think
Now the weed so loud
And I'm getting so high
Babe I swear I'm looking like a chink
And I'm stressing heavily and mentally
Damn girl I'm f**ed up
And I went back to underage drinking
And the weed thats code for disaster
(Ooooh how can we make this better?
As I see the rainy weather)
And I still want you back yeah them hoes I'm done with that
Already got me a L I don't want another lost
So f** what I said lets get in the bed

Cause I no longer think you're better off (x6)

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