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Better Days - Stay Back lyrics

[Verse 1: Deadison]
Please take back my time
I don't wanna waste all your time
You don't know what it feels like to call you mine
I'm up all night, singing to the moon
Everybody scream, now I'm thinkin' bout you
Hope you're thinkin' bout me
Seen your picture in my wallet and you're wearing my tee
Yeah you're wearing my tee
You're almost eighteen
Came from seventeen, you're blessing me
I just think I'm growing up too fast
You'll be the d**h of me
Ghost in the scene, I'm sippin' Hennessy
Yeah I felt the ecstasy
Every time you took away the breath of me
You're s**ing me, you're s**ing me
You're blessing me, stop testing me
I'll bless the team, they will ride for me
You will die for me, you can lie with me
Every time we speak, I can't even breathe
I can't even see

[Verse 2: Neurotic]
I'm just tryna live my f**in' life
Without your bullsh** on my mind
Don't make me think about the strife
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Don't make me think about the knife
That I keep by my bedside
Only promising I had lies
Truth behind your dead eyes
Been coming and going for five years
Been snowing inside of my mind
How do I get you off of my mind
Where is the button my life to rewind
I'm so sick of keeping it all inside of me
Cause every time you speak
I swear you'll be the d**h of me
Stop texting me, why can't you see
You're really just stressing me out
God are you just testing me now
I know I don't believe, but hopefully
You are hearing me out
Unless you keep it 100 like benji's
Stay back 100 and 10 feet
Don't test me, I'm stretching my luck out
Heart wrenching, I struck out

[Outro: Deadison & Neurotic]
Take back my pride
You know that you're not mine, you're not mine
Always f**in' up again, f**in' up my life
I ain't f**in' with no lame, f**in' up my life
Get the f** up out my way, get up out my face
You don't know my name or my gang, whoo

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