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Better Days - No History lyrics

I'll chase the skyline for a chance to be remembered
I'll carve my name into the sun
So someone knows I was here
This is no prophecy I'm shaping my reality
In history we live forever
Until the light burns away everything

I've got to get this, from under my skin
Nothing's making sense
I've gotta get this, from out of my head
This sickness I can't shake
See there's a problem, I need to be fixed
This obsession will put me six feet under
I've got to get this, out of my mind
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And then the cracks they showed
But how was I to know
That my whole world, was falling apart
From the inside

Can you think about the last time
When you gave it all?
Can you think about the last time
When you held your own?
Pushed fear, doubt and hate aside
And conquered your own state of mind

Let your fires burn

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