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Better Days - Come With Me lyrics

Oh that looks really neat.
What are you drawing?
I don't know.
A butterfly with square wings.
Oh that one looks nice.
It's not my favorite, I think it's too jumbled.

[Verse 1: Deadison]
Look into the stars when I sing at night
Can't believe my eyes, you're with another guy
Baby give me time to reason why you're on my mind
I don't understand this waste of time, this waste of life
Baby don't push me away
Please do not leave, do not go away
Don't wanna suffer this any day
Look what you done, yeah you drive me cray
Poppin' the Xan for anxiety
Bag of pre-rolls sit right next to me
Frozen on ice be the d**h of me
Don't leave my sight, can you stay please
I just want you to see me succeed
Look at me now, yeah I'm in my dreams
Makin' mine too, smokin' hella weed
Live on my own and I'm 'bout to see
Look at you now, you been actin' strange
I ain't got time to hang with these lames
I ain't got time so how could I waste
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Look at my eyes yeah I see you changed
I just want you
But I see that you changed
Locked away in my tomb
Blowin' out my brain

[Verse 2: Neurotic]
Baby I'm just tryna get it
How I seen it when I'm dreamin'
Is there reason to believe in
What we're told or what they're teachin'
Is there really demons creepin' in the shadows
While we're sleepin'
Gimme signs 'cause they say that these thought are treason
I'm just tryna buy my mom a big 'ol house, brand new car
Hundred thousand dollar blouse
Even if I must [?]
I'm just tryna give her what she want
Invest into her restaurant, same goes for my pops
Big shout out to the opps for giving me the fire that I need
I get high, I will succeed, even if you burden me
You all see eventually
This has been my dream since before I was like fourteen
Y'all will remember me

Would you come with me please?
We're having a problem trying to solve this little puzzle.
Here's why.

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