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Belly Squad - The Possibilities of Using Teeth Whiteners on Crown Caps lyrics

Crown caps, according to, are needed when you want to protect or restore a weak tooth. These are also used to improve your teeth's appearance. As crown caps protect your teeth, there remains a question you may have in mind when you have them on. That brings you to the possibilities of using teeth whiteners on crown caps. If you desire to have healthier teeth that are white as well, you may consider some options.

First Option – Seeking Professional Help

If you want to make sure thatteeth whitening will be able to work, the option is to seek professional help. Your dentist knows when and how to work in order to whiten your teeth. They can design professional bleaching procedures fit to work on your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is a primary ingredient in such a solution.

Second Option – Doing it at Home

When your budget seems not to work for your favor, there is no reason to fret. All you need to do is to try doing teeth whitening at home. Of course, you may have doubts on your mind on how to do it without professional help. The good news is there are home teeth whitening kits and teeth whitening strips that come with perfect instruction to help you with. Some teeth whitening kits basically provide a teeth bleaching tray and teeth whitening gels that can be conveniently placed over your teeth. Additionally, you may also make use of teeth whitening strips and the good news is you may enjoy whitened teeth for days with just one use.

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Third Option – The Ordinary Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

There is plenty of this option to choose from. Different toothpaste manufacturers, including the most trusted brand names, have already made efforts to produce teeth whitening toothpastes to include in their respective product lines. They are very convenient to use since they work the same way as your regular toothpastes but take note that results may not be as you may get from the first two options discussed.

The Reality Behind Using the Above Options on Crown-Capped Teeth

While you know that you have various teeth whitening options, there remains a question on whether you can use them over your crown caps. The answer is a resounding NO. It is bad news but you have to accept the fact that you might end up wasting money over teeth whitening kits when in fact they won't work on crown-capped teeth.

The reason behind these products and procedures won't work over crowns is the facts that caps, crowns or veneers are artificial teeth. The bleaching agent will not have a good relationship with them. This will make you very much disappointed then that your option is either to restore your teeth with crown caps or make use of teeth whitening treatments to result to a healthier smile.

You do not have to lose hope though when it comes to using teeth whitening products if you have crown caps on. The secret is always to visit an expert to ask for their opinions regarding the matter. It may also help if you eat teeth whitening foods such as apples and carrots instead. These will not destroy your crown-capped teeth.

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