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Bellamy Brothers - Feelin' the Feelin' lyrics

It started with a smile
And a brush of your hair
Though we got a little close,
There was no slow dance
How the world seems to spin around
Just for me and you
It took us by surprise
When it hit us in our hearts
Such unbridled pa**ion from an innocent start
It stunned us for awhile,
But now we know what we're gonna do
Gonna make it last,
Gonna make some dreams come true [Chorus]
We've been feelin' the feelin'
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From a shine up above
We've been steadily steelin'
Every moment we can
'Cause we can't get enough
We've been feelin' the feelin'
Flyin' on the wings of a dove
We've been feelin' the feelin'
And the feelin' is love Well the clouds rolled back,
And the sun broke through
And the earth seemed to move
When I whispered to you
Darlin' we woke up this feelin'
From its lonely sleep
When I say I love you,
I mean I love you so deep [Chorus x2]

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