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Bella Morte - Regret lyrics

Where has the warmth within your voice gone?
It seems your care has died away
I wander through a thousand questions
Never knowing what to say
Lift your palms your hands are soiled
And guilt now lights your eyes
Will I know or will I wonder
The voice of severed ties

Years will pass and you'll remember
All that died within your grasp
And I'll be gone, you'll sleep uneasy
Upon a bed built of regret
You won't forget the loss of passion
As the past sleeps in your mind
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Years will pass and you'll be searching
For things you'll never find

See our dreams now fade away
Call to the time that we would have shared
See our hopes now fade to gray
Look to the emptiness by your side

Beneath the days there lies indifference
Your smile can't retract the lies
And my nights will find their comfort
In the knowledge that I tried
Were your words always so empty?
Have I been blinded by your light?
My doubts were real from the beginning
Unlike the final tears you cried

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