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Beets - Let Clock Work lyrics

Look my way girl
Take my eyes put them away
Need no seein when i know that it's ok
To look backwards and the future warns for me
There's no seein when in mind mined eyes to me
And the memories that i'm making as i walk
Think of future, past is only a week ago
All your clothes have been through machine they're done
Think of all the smells that my pores will release
They are your name, can't you see it as you see
That i'm cloudy, but inside i'm only sun
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Oh no, no, no
Let clock work
Time does talk
Hear you talkin, as my eyes just cannot see
Is my thinkin that is sailing out at sea
Keep on walkin, keep on buying much more land
On my planet, it's not difficult to find
Another kingdom that is not for you to queen
Oh no, no, no
You can see
Right through me

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