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Beets - Bihl Cosbi lyrics

Crewneck sweatshirt, snapback usually
Just a Mac Miller clone, a little more Jewish-y
Star of David jewelry, chest hair supporting it
She upvoted me, I seeded her, Bit Torrent
One hundred hits in one night
Waiting for our shit to hit Nah Right
Doc Louis flow, I steal your bike
And then I punch you out, Tyson comma Mike
And if you ain't down with this
It doesn't matter cause our crew is giving no shits
When have you seen a good rapper with such wit
That he makes other dudes irrelevant?
I can't lie, so I guess that I'll admit
I got a flow that's slicker than banana splits
These dudes just tryna please, I just call them Mitt
My shit gets buzz, chat and chit
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Uh, extra verse like a year leap
My shit's original, you dudes are retweets
Never finished so I'mma make you wait
Leave you dudes cold, make you marinate
The stakes are kinda high so I'mma bet higher
I Jim Carrey the team, Liar Liar
Just wait kids, I swear it gets better
Cheesing so hard you can call me feta
How you feel? How you feel? How you feel?
Got a fanbase, I don't even got a record deal
Maybe in the future, I gotta graduate
How many hits will I make? Gotta calculate
I give you my presence, I call it a gift
Call me Romeo, these girls are Taylor Swift
I'm moving mountains, continental drift
Call me Razhon, I'm on the hot list

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