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Beets - Bihl Cosbi lyrics

Crewneck sweatshirt, snapback usually
Just a Mac Miller clone, a little more Jewish-y
Star of David j**elry, chest hair supporting it
She upvoted me, I seeded her, Bit Torrent
One hundred hits in one night
Waiting for our sh** to hit Nah Right
Doc Louis flow, I steal your bike
And then I punch you out, Tyson comma Mike
And if you ain't down with this
It doesn't matter cause our crew is giving no sh**s
When have you seen a good rapper with such wit
That he makes other dudes irrelevant?
I can't lie, so I guess that I'll admit
I got a flow that's slicker than banana splits
These dudes just tryna please, I just call them Mitt
My sh** gets buzz, chat and chit
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Uh, extra verse like a year leap
My sh**'s original, you dudes are retweets
Never finished so I'mma make you wait
Leave you dudes cold, make you marinate
The stakes are kinda high so I'mma bet higher
I Jim Carrey the team, Liar Liar
Just wait kids, I swear it gets better
Cheesing so hard you can call me feta
How you feel? How you feel? How you feel?
Got a fanbase, I don't even got a record deal
Maybe in the future, I gotta graduate
How many hits will I make? Gotta calculate
I give you my presence, I call it a gift
Call me Romeo, these girls are Taylor Swift
I'm moving mountains, continental drift
Call me Razhon, I'm on the hot list

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