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Beep Beep - Vertical Cougar lyrics

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When you ere trained to walk upright, your first words were "I'm sorry." Trick her. Make her think you walk on water. Yeah, trick her! Splash water on your face to make tears. She's just a song in the making. They're all songs in the making. Sometimes we're friends until you forget how to talk. You get drunk, drunk, drunk. Sometimes you're just a slut on the floor crawling in circles, splashing your eyes with water again. Go write a song about that. I get to read how you broke her and hear your songs over and over. You are a lover, but lovers are hunters even when prey falls in their lap. You hunt them down, then cry when they get hurt. They adore you, and you devour them. "Oh no, I'm so sorry. I really am this time. Don't you know that I love you? I'll make it up to you. Please wait and let me tell you a little bit about myself. This is a game. You don't know it, but you're playing now. You lost the first time, but you think you want to play again. So, take a number like a client in an office lobby. Wait your turn; this game has two participants. Wait!"

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