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Beelow - 10 Niggaz lyrics

Verse 1: [Thug Addict]

If i go out in this bitch I'ma die like a soulja
I'm taking ten motherfuckers with me ya feel me
I ask the lord to forgive me cause my mind ain't right
I got problems in my skull bigger than the world
I peel back ya hurl, hog tie ya girl
I leave ya messy, dripping, like a classy curl
I'ma weapon, fuck i scare the hell out the devil
I get badder than bad weather, I'ma doctor devil
Told me I'm in a level A.K. 47
Have ya ass on the fucking stair way to heaven
Bitch I'm harder than rocks, stone, bricks, and pebbles
Stay putting niggas in graves so i just keep me a shouvle
Nigga all that's on my mind is cocking my nine
Pulling that trigger back and watch it bust 50 times
Leave they mama's crying, hell increase and multiply 'em
Choppin' they heads off and leaving dicks in they behind
See my kind, is similiar to perfectly mankind
?I'ma say i got beef and them I'ma chief?
I put niggas to sleep, like a sad mind
Ya wanna know why, because i can can
I shot 'em down (POP), We shot 'em down 3x (POP)
Busting 50 rounds and watch em all fall down
Feeling high raid, Feeling high paid
Sipping on my drink and blowing my weed
Some of these niggas they got to die with me
Every one of these niggas got to die with me
I ain't gone out like that, I can't do it
I can't see it happening
I can't let no nigga try to get me with these caplets
? with you breath like a world champion
Leaving niggas stiffer than a fucking manican
If i go out i betcha nann nigga gone be standing
Cause I bam kill 'em like i can't stand em

Chorus: repeat 4x
If I die I'm take 10 niggas with me
Take ten niggas with me

Verse 2: ?

I make it know I'ma killa by nature (nature)
Ain't no fear in my heart (heart)
I'ma walking time bomb blowing bitches apart
Making all my adversaries recognize I'm the shit
I make bitches out of whole clicks
Ain't no fucking wit dis
Coming wit my nigga "Low souljafied to the finish
Be a G to the fullest, bitch I represent it
Taking niggas on flights, popping up in Jamaica
Playing niggas like a game a sega
Smoking weed and drinking hennessy got a nigga trippin'
I'm on some sick homicidal shit that's the way I'm feelin'
And suited up for combat bitch I'm down for the cause
Kamikazed about my issue ruff rucking it raw
A lot of niggas talk the game, but I'm keeping it real
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Fuck with me and best believe bitch you will get killed
I'm a motherfucking light, I'm gone watch 'em bleed
Even if it means the death of me, and all i heard was...

Chorus repeats 4x

Verse 3: ???

I was born and raised to savage in this cold world
I done done so much fucking dirt
From slanging that iron to slanging that furly furl
Down and dirty 'bout my
And yes that trigga play ain't new to me..ya'll
These niggas be hating to try to win a race
But at the same time they smiling all in my fucking face
All about that baller blocking and short stoppin'
But ain't no stoppin' my bait
They don't like that, so I'm ready for whatever all day, everday
See I'ma soulja in this shit o' boy
And I ain't 'bout that hoe shit, I'm strictly 'bout that war
But fuck around unt uh
Cause when the beef start I don't give a fuck who u run wit
Who u come wit, I ain't with that stunting shit
Bring the noise wooday
Ya'll bitch made niggas out there don't know me
I'm hollin' murder, straight pushing motherfuckers to sleep
And I gives a fuck about dying
I'ma make some motherfuckers respect mine
And when its my time
I'm leaving this bitch slanging that iron wooday

Chorus repeats 3x

Verse 4: [Beelow]

Watch me kick off yo doors and bang that room
Take it back to my crib and watch the shit on the news
Most these people I have no respect cause I be feelin' they low
But we off in this gangsta shit you gosta pay the cost
I ain't no hard rat ass nigga i be down for this shit
Cross me da wrong way you gone die bitch
Looking in my eye, so what you see when I be stalkin' ya down
You bitches better duck when I be spraying the round
10 of you niggas got to go
I ain't 'bout retaliation
My daddy been told me dead niggas be hesitating
What you bout? You talk that shit like you got animosity
When you see me face to face you don't wanna war with me
Forget, you get flipped nigga
Gives a fuck who u wit nigga
Talking bout made man
But you be blood thicker
So I run wit nothing but killers
Nothing but thug niggas
When I walk through the streets this is what I heard nigga

Chorus repeats 2x

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