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Beeez Music - Hunger lyrics

Respect like I'm Franco
Bang all day. Bank closed
Who to bill out these hoes?
Close to those who care
Fakers don't you dare
Come close? I chose you folks
To throw my my bouncing cheques
On your faces from my desk
This shit don't affect
Me. You like me? My attitude's like bite me
I'm nice when you're not stupid
Two pills
We took each now we making love

I'm acting like my voice changed
Its the same one I use on my voice mails!
Right there! I can do it pretty good
Rapping like I should
My stomach never full
I don't know if I could pull
You off this bed
Get up bitch its morning
Still horny? I can see your tits
I'm falling
In love
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With my gift
To write shit
Like I did To you yesterday
Where's the cake
That We baked
And you ate it off my ass
My story's different from your last
Experience. Ingredients to my music would be me
You see, bring a friend for a 3 way
Three days since I ate
Spat kissed a pussy
Thank god not bushy
Sing a prayer that the mayor
Don't kill you all
Basketball player there in your bed
Role playing making me make that ass red
Make you a Sandwich, brown bread?
Cheese spread?
And you dead Wrong if you thought that's happening
All day its bitches like you I'm tackling
Its maddening. I'm travelling
Just to get to the Bulldog cafe
My ash tray is just full of roaches
My coach approaches
Words of reproach

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