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Beecake - The Clown lyrics

This Ancient Rot
Makes you hold what you've got
Makes you hold on tight

Makes you plan for the fight

But you won't take a hand
You'd rather crash than have help land

And you're strong as a Bear
But you weep when nobody's there
You see you're not in control
Smile and Hope
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on

Choosing the love over fear
Knowing the truth is so near
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Cheer Up
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold

Repeat 3 times

Repeat 4 times.

But the sweetest sound is
When it all comes tumbling down
Can you still sing along
When you don't know the song
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on
Give it up you know just what you've got
It's pulling you down to that hole in the ground
It fills you with fear, It's all that you hear
As the night takes away, say goodbye to the day that you've lost
When you can't find your feet
Taste the Honey, still as sweet

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