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Beecake - Dog's Waltz lyrics

I dreamt I was a dog
Running full pell through the long wet grass
Enjoying every moment for as it came and went
Not a second of my existence spent,
worrying about a future I knew nothing about
I laid panting on some cool concrete
And watched the humans busily rushing back and forth
Shouting, crying laughing in a language I didn't understand
Trying to stick to their 5-year plans
Buying and selling
Hoping their second house investment was a good one
fighting wars for oil, or land,
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or because their God is a better God,
a vengeful God
the only God
And I close my eyes
When I wake, I find a stick,
and I busy myself, throwing it around
enjoying the stick for all that it is
Then I see another dog
With a better stick
and I think to myself
"I might fight him for it"
Maybe I'm evolving

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