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Beebs - Drugs Love lyrics

Drug and fuck (Repeat and slowly fade)

[Verse 1]
I can barely see
You gotta trust me
I can give you what you wanted girl
Nah nah ahh
Trapping trapping, your every
I've gotta fall... into ?
Baby love me
I gotta see before ?
No it's not you
I know it's not you
Don't change me, don't change me
With ways to behave just
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Let me go...
But baby wait
Oh wah wah wah ahhh
I see your lies, I see your lies, I see
Oh wah wah wah ahhh
I see

Shit I been drinking
Loosing my vision from ? drugs
Loosing thinking
Finding these voices from my past
Are we fucking?
Are we loving?
Are we something?
Are we nothing?

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