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Bee Gees - Monday's Rain lyrics

I can see the sun shinin' down on me
Is it you my love that i can see
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me walk to monday's rain (monday's rain)
To monday's rain (monday's rain)

In this my life , i walk in light
You are my love so baby i'm all right
Don't let me down , baby
Don't let me down
Oh baby, please don't let me walk in monday's rain (monday's rain)
In monday's rain (monday's rain)
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Ev'ry man alive has got to have someone
So what will i do when baby you are gone
Don't let me down
Don't walk on me
My sunday sunshine
Hide monday's rain (monday's rain)
Hide monday's rain (monday's rain)
Monday's rain (monday's rain) ah...

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