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Bee Gees - Fight lyrics

No matter how long it takes
No mater how long
No matter how long it takes
We'll never be alone
Don't wanna make a wrong headline
No matter how strong
They'll be watching every move you make
Don't let 'em know they can beat you

Fortune favor the brave
Learn how to use that muscle
Take a little chance will get you
Everything you see
Living at the speed of light
Gotta make your heart beat faster
You gotta climb inside
Set that spirit free

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Fight the good fight
Fingers to the bone
Gotta take a stand
And save this land of liberty
Stumble on the ground that shakes you
Push it to the point that breaks you
Little bit of fire it gives you
Soul of a winner
Help you bring them to their knees

In the face of the foe
Never let 'em drag you under
Don't you wanna leave behind ya
A legacy
Catch another streak of lightning
By the God of fire and thunder
Battle in the name of the nation
Making history

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