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Beck - America, Here's My Boy lyrics

He came into this world, helpless and unformed
I held him in my arms as he lay newly born
I said I would protect him and soothed him with my voice
America, here's my boy

I taught him to say words and stand up on his feet
I held his tiny hand as we crossed the street
I told him that his days should be sown with joy
America, here's my boy

We watched them play soldiers out on the schoolyard
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Pretending that the enemy was nothing like we are
With glory for the hero whose weapon's just a toy
America, here's my boy

They said there were sacrifices greater than the need
The strength beyond blood that no mortal hand can bleed

The letter I received, I held it in my hand
And though the words were clear, I could not understand
How the memory lives beyond what can destroy
America, where's my boy?
America, where's my boy?

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