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Bebu Silvetti - Wherever You Are (Donde Quiera Que Estés) lyrics

If I could only hear your voice, your words, your thoughts........

Siempre sere' tu primer amor
I'll always be you first love

(Verse 1):
The morning comes wihtout you with me
The afternoon drags out
Out wiyh out your love
Another day, another heartache
Without you here
The sun won't shine no more

(Selena: verse 2)
Y mis padres gritan por tu amor
Enloqueceindome. Tu imagen vive en
Mi habitacio'n, amandome, sonrie'ndome

Girl wherever you are....(recureda)
Girl wherever you go
I'll be with you....(te pienso y te siento)
Girl, wherever you are
I'll tu primer amor (your first love)

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(Verse 3)
Just loneliness lives deep inside me
And all thats left are memories in my mind
I see your smile
I hear you laughter
I fell your kiss still linger on my lips

(Verse 4)
Will time and distance
Make you want me more (La distancia)
And bring me back you love
Solo el pasado de los dos lo dira'( lo dira')

Gilr whever you are.... (Recuerda)
Girl; whever you go
I'll be with with you.....(te pienso y te siento)
Girl, whever you are
Seimpre sere' .....tu primer amor (your first love)

I'm your first love (tu primer amor)
Only you and I (so'lo tu y yo)
I'm your first love (tu primer amor)
Only you and I (solo' tu' y yo)

(Repeat verse 4)

(Repeat chorus)

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