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[Intro: Joseph] [Verse 1: Braille] I'm a believer Sometimes I believe the lies of the deceiver The lies of seeds when they sprout They lead to seasons of spiritual amnesia Deep seeded self doubt That creeps in my conscious feeds my fear And keeps me up at night conquered by Critical thoughts my mind is prone to conjure When it wanders, watching my failures, play back play back on repeat Im trying to change the chain of events but Can't rewind to find the delete, b**ton to push I'm on the edge its like the world is about to end I'm in the middle of armagaddon with No arms, no weapons, no armor for protection It's the testing of my faith and I know the answers but instead I'm just guessing Like I forgot that God was my father and I was set apart for His on possession His word is my armor and my protection Against the enemy's deception But I still question How can I receive Such an incredible blessing when I feel like I'm less than Because I went through a divorce am I A second rate Christian, I know that's a lie So I won't listen, through Christ I'm forgiven I'm being formed into his image According to God I was called from darkness into his marvelous light He is near to the broken hearted faithful to finish what he started [Hook: Joseph] Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? [Verse 2: Odd Thomas] As a child I struggled to Identify most of my misplaced anger and rage Dealing with a whole emotion of consequences Based on the way I was raised The feeling for affection and affirmation Adjusted performance to get attention and Gain some sort of acceptance but found I was always rejected and pushed away Deep scars feeling of not belonging Caused tall emotional walls and any Attempt to recover from a lost of Confidence was incredibly small The residual effects of abandonment Had me observing my character flaws And viewing them all as insufficiently Capable of relating or growing with God I believed these lies to be true for me My experience was the proof for me Up to the point where I can sense Christ Relentless love and complete pursuit of me And spoke to me offering me hope and life Through His word showing me His beauty Changing my perception and giving me Perspective of the way God truly viewed me A man who was prized and pardoned And chosen before the world's foundation His whole possession, His royal priesthood I'm part of His holy nation I'm his friend, I'm valued completely cared for Enough for Christ to purchase According to God I'm an adopted child With intimate access created with purpose [Hook]

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