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Beautiful Eulogy - Control Issues lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yo What's a king to a God?
Nothing but a king
A king that God put in that position just to reign
And never should the king test the God from which it came
Or the king gone need a prophet to come explain a dream
You know the synopsis
Exactly what I mean
I pray the block is glockless
Empty your gabardines
You'll never become prosperous
By way of savage thangs
Preposterous you will not profit from wicked things
Philosophers explain
Only from what they've seen or studied
But my degree is from the King of Kings, bloody
I come from the home of the triple beams
Sullied by the stories of ornery and crippled fiends
Zombies off Wet, Zanex and a 5th of lean
Crystal meth, or success from gettin out ya dreams
Whatever drug ya choose
It's at war with the truth
Going back and forth trying to play God'll leave you confused
Control issues

I fail every time I swear I'm in control
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What good is it to gain the world and lose your soul?

[Verse 2]
Yo I kept tryna be a general
Supposed to be a soldier
Ain't tryna be subliminal when I mention Jehovah
I was about to be a criminal my clip was half loaded
Then living water replaced my Hennessy and soda
Holy Spirit told me He was takin over
Change my focus
Only thing I got to keep was my composure
Had to relinquish the power
Squeamish, fiendish and sour
Went from those who snorted powder
To bangin that David Crowder
Oh how He love us He who hovers above us
And control us but without the psychology of a hustler
A hustler I thought I knew what I wanted in life
But then I saw the light
And couldn't stomach the price
Holdin pistols
Gamblin with my life, throwing dice
Then by His grace I gained sight of my control issue


[Scratched Sample]
Recognize the source, let His grace k** your pride

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