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Beautiful Eulogy - A Mirror Broken lyrics

[Verse 1: Foreknown]
I feel my organs clench up
Sweating my brow and I'm getting nervous
Every time I spot distilled eyes in the reflective surface
Try to edit with full blown trauma but that was completely worthless
Every single shard is staring back at me defeating the purpose
Those eyes were once gentle, but now, so judgemental
And the destruction of myself, myself was highly instrumental
Those eyes are the windows to the soul
So I'll refrain from looking into the windows 'cause all I see is window pane
The mirror does the opposite of it's designated duty
'Cause it always causes me to reflect on the truth and truly How it breaks me
I become the pile of shards, and I remember what the Protectants do with the broken jar
So open up my heart for comprehensive reform
The mirror maps a reverse vision of a revision reborn
Now I could view my own reflection without giving a crooked glance
Because I finally found redemption looking through the looking gla**

[Verse 2: Sleep]
Huh, I rebuilt with every crack
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Then chose to run
Each version of me certain
It's the only one
The jagged edges are exits
That'll [?] up
It's supposed to cut
Watch how you're holding, son!
This mad house always wrong and confusin'
I'm trapped in a solid liquid that's always movin'
It's easy to get swallowed by the bigger picture
And have your vision shattered in a single instant
That's me in each one of the pieces, and
Of the parts of me are lost, in between the creases
And it all adds up to bad luck least you seized it
Ridicules the lengths we go to avoid some peace
We're just dust and dirt we were born to be
My prism shines when I anoint the streets
Reflect the positivity
Dead and negative energy
Not letting myself become tangled with that
And becoming a better me

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