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Beanie Sigel - #StillPublicEnemy lyrics

PE number 1, still public enemy
The revolution will be televised

[Verse 1]
Pardon me as I vent
I do this for the babies that's bathin' out in Flint
The signs of the times got me spent
I'm thinkin' bout the crimes on Price
The recent chain of events
A plot that's designed by lynch
Martial Arts on defence
Blue blood spills as the black's still clenched
Black deaths get paraded in the news
White sheets get traded in for blues
The poor and righteous are gunned down by polices
They terrorize, they should terrorize the foreign ISIS
100 shot drum filled with K Rounds
Hunting down the crack of the gun on trinidad
It seems they only respect violence
10 hit, 3 down out in Dallas
Yea, respect my color
It's like, fuck the police
Do you respect my brother?
I mean, fuck Paula Deen
Do you inspect my mother?
This shit never gon' seize till you respect my suffer
The hour is here
Let the casket in, are you scared?
Fight the power, I declare
A war on the new world order, with no fear
For the babies they bombed out in Birmingham
They gunned down Mike Brown in Ferguson
Sent 41 shots through the eye lobe
Tell me, which 48 laws do you follow?
Do you never try to outshine the master?
Or, strike the sheppard in the sheep of scatter?
Or, turn the other cheek, march, sail or speech
They're pluggin' us off about a week
More important
Who's payin' for the coffin they brought Alton?
Or them kids the pigs just orphaned
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The revolution shall be televised
Even tho' the television stay tellin' lies

[Sample Speech]
...That we who have been the victim of so much violence
Now whites fear violence from us
We do not have a history of killing white people
White people has a history of killing blacks...

[Verse 2]
Yea, a hundred miles runnin', where my raiders at?
Crack babies, a product of the Reagan act
Welfare, section 8, yea, they gave us that
Project housing and an enslavemant trap
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'ma be a nigga for life
It's plain to see, it's fuck the police
So I'ma pull my trigger on sight
It's time to raise hell for Castile
Send 'em 50 shells for Sean Bell
They hung poor [?] in a jail cell
[?] cash bell
"Black lives matter, " is what they told us
But black lives don't matter, is what they showed us
They still call us niggers
Got a 100 in this clip, bitch, huntin' down a Zimmerman

[Sample Speech]
... That you are afraid
That we if we ever come to power
We will do to you and your father
What you and your people have done to us

[Sample Video: Diamond Reynolds]
The police officer stopped us for a busted tail light that was not busted
They pulled us over on the side of the road, asked for lisence and registration
As he was reaching for his license and registration, he told the officer that he was licensed to carry and had a firearm
As he got back, comfortable
The police took four or five shots into him for no reason
They took his life for no reason
They did this to my daughter and they did it to me
And I want justice

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