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Baseline - Fragments lyrics

Sitting in the same room day after day
As if this is the key to my success was here
But without the base the tower falls just me and my demise
Alone to suffer in silence right here

I will fight alone against my fear of unaccomplishment through years
Of endless work
And the things that they will never stop saying to me will always haunt
Every nightmare that I've got

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It's hard to find motivation, I feel it in my chest
A lack of fascination in giving it my best
I'm tired all the time, It's hard to wake up
When I cant get to sleep at night

Now the only thing to do is let go of what's k**ing you
Just make it through today

Maybe then I'll be a better person in every way and I wont feel ashamed
Of everything that I've become, mistakes I made while still so young and things I gave up on
Nothings gonna change the way I feel about myself, it stays but I will learn to cope with it

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