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Basebenben - When The Xans Fade Out lyrics

Copping Xans
Hit yo ass like I'm Jackie Chan
LS9 on my back
Killing this fucking Track
This one goes out to my fucking crew
Cause Ben came through

Take me back to 1987
Free My nigga X
Cause you know I'm coming next
I don't have to pay for Sex
Cause I be getting that check

Smoking Gas every fucking dam Day
All I ever wonder when I'm gonna black away
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All these Xans making me breakaway

Insanity in my brain
All these niggas saying that I'm lame
I ain't trying to be the same
All I wanna do is reach that Fame

Smoking backwoods with the Fam
You know my ass is always popping Xans
You know I don't fuck Trans (What Nick?)

Bitch I'm from Houston
My nigga producing
Thinking of shit we been doing
LS9 we Gonna Blow up Soon
Sooner than you think Bitch!

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