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Barbie - I'm flying lyrics

Oh what a day
The sun is shining
Just like tomorrow and
The sky is blue
The garden's growing
What a wonderful
Day to play
What shall we do?
Let's have a party
Then climb a tree and
Play hide and seek
Where should we go?
How ‘bout the meadow
Down by the creek
We're flying
Pixies and fairies everywhere
Far as the eye can see
Sliding and gliding through the air
Not me
I'll race you there
You'll never catch me
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Oh yes I will
No way you're too slow
I'll race you both
And also Bibble
Ready set go
We're flying
Whirling and twirling through the wind
Racing across the sky
Listen Elina meet us there
I'll try
Welcome to our Fairytopia
This is a great place to be
Ask any fairy who's here
And they'll agree
Where else do lilies and daffodils
Grow up to be 10 feet tall?
All of us think life is perfect
Well almost all
Endless adventures fill our days
Nothing but nonstop fun
There's not a single thing we'd change
Well I can think of one

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