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Bankroll Fresh - Bout It lyrics

Street Money Worldwide
Who the f** this
Lil Dirty
Lil Dirty who?
Dirty draw dawg
Man get the f** outta here
Ghetto dawg n*gga Fresh

[Verse 1:]
Dough boy sees c**aine
Wash away my pain with champagne
Championship Final Four reign
Bankroll hundred don't never change
Change in the rearview
Lane change won't switch your lane
Post it up n*gga we dose lane
Switch it for the propane
Like ESPN, I got game
Hit the bullseye I got aim
Despite on half how your flame add up
Additional change
Bad b**h in Vera Wang
It's the plane game
Playing polo team
Fly dinner talking parakeet
b**h is fresher than potpourri
Imported Gucci from overseas
Couple bad b**hes we imported these
But he ain't important
But no heart like Michael Jordan
Number 7 Jordan number one I'm sportin
You n*gga licker
You n*gga can't let you one leaving the pacer
Driving foreign cars to be a racer
Sport breaker sport biker
CPR because I might not see you tomorrow
Stunt harder
With the bird game like I'm from Harlem
New Wilson we propose charger
I know your man, I'm still charging him
Boss em up, I'm something to see
Everything come with a fee
Champions don't face the fee
Street money n*gga we in the streets
Street money n*gga we is discreet

Life you know about it
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Damage you know about it
All my n*gga bout it
We bout it [x10]
Hood rich b**h

[Verse 2:]
Fresh, go in on these n*ggas
DJ Pretty Boy
This life I've been bound
I'm out of daylight
How do we get a b**h from our week
You n*ggas coward
You n*ggas softer than Downy
These dirty money we wash in county
Ain't selling bricks come get these ounces
Ain't selling singles come get these bills
Four 12 12 come here only thing we are giving they a** is scales
I'm giving em hell
These ain't Gucci [?] Chanel
These ain't Louis [?]
These ain't [?] something else
On something else
I love my will I love myself
Pull up my brat looking all stiff
Humpty sh** watch your step
That bullsh** b**h I don't except
Spread you n*ggas like some hair
Erase you n*ggas now
Got rex on rex on stackin list
I should be governor or f**ing the mayor
Most valuable player
How to pay a fare
How to be a playa
Be a bear
God damn fresh give em hell


Throw that sh** up
Free my n*gga Lil B
N*gga what's happening
Street money sh** n*gga
Best P Dre
N*gga bout it bout it
N*gga bout it bout it
Real n*gga don't play it
Don't play it, don't play it

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