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Bankroll Fresh - f** Is You Sayin' lyrics

I'm the boss man n***a I don't take pay cuts
.45 on me for you n***a tryna play tough
Pretty bad b**h wit me she don't need no make up
Flooded [?] ice the face up
Junkies at the backdoor asking for a wake up
Martin Luther King go to Juices get a shape up
I'm the real deal all these f** n***as fake-a's
I don't wanna hear the trap story that ya made up
Straight up out the street n***a you know what I'm made of
[?] in you know what I weighed up
458 with the bag n***a pay up
Don't try that f** sh** get ya a** sprayed up
Lazy a** n***a out wit ya hoe laid up
Fresh a** n***a 100 dollar [?] fade up
In the trap spot errybody wit me K'd up
n***a talkin' money but these n***as ain't made enough
n***a talkin' robbin' but these n***as ain't brave enough
I'm posting in Mechanicsville wit my n***a baby bruh
Smoking out the bag f** these hoes I ain't tryna f**
Cash out at the dealer put some [?] on the truck
Million dollar n***a got a half a million dollar tuck
Got 30 rounds on the b**h get cha a** bust
Got bum money p**y n***a i don't give a f**

f** is you saying lil n***a [x4]
f** it who paying my n***a [x2]
f** is you saying lil n***a [x2]

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Benz sprinter van cost a 100 grand cost 100 grand
Yeah 100 bands I got 100 bands right now n***a
In my right hand all white man
Y'all rap n***as shoulda been a hype man
p**y a** n***a shoulda been a dyke man
Scary a** n***a you don't wanna fight man
Hiding behind ya partner yee ain't bout that life man
Real trap n***a yeah you know I serve n***as
Supercharger you can hear it when it swerve n***a
I'm getting money all I f**ing do is splurge n***a
Atlanta Falcon 34 dirty bird n***a
Big rim I might pull up on the curb wit em
Escalade oh you know I might burb' in em
House in the wood yeah I suburban em
All new Louis Vuitton yeah its burgundy
Polo briefs n***a with the burrberry
Smokin blunts back to back sippin' Pérignon
Get money spend money n***a erryday
f** is you saying you n***as ain't made it that way
Hit the mall f** the money up I made a play
Put some floatas on the donk they was made to skate
Black hood n***a yeah you know I'm shaving weight
Bustin' bale down n***a then we save da shake

f** is you saying lil n***a [x4]
f** it who paying my n***a [x2]
f** is you saying lil n***a [x2]

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