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Bankroll Fresh - Walked In lyrics

Feat : Street Money Boochie & Travis Porter

(Yeah I’m back!)
(Yeah, Yeah)
Looking like a trapper when I walked in the building
That mean I got something expensive
Know my friends, they’re k**in’
All these hoes I’m k**in’
n***a came from dope dealing
Dirt bike, four wheeling (woo)
Come up in the street I’m peeling (skurr)
Come up in the street I’m peeling

And I might just lose the ceiling
And I’m trying to grind up on a million
And I might k** it if feel it
Hell yeah!
Ya damn right I k** it if she give it
Matt got extension
Take it and we flip it
Take it and remix it
Bring it back
[?] Curry on them hoes
Bank to big
Need pockets like [?]
Hold up, wait!
Know exactly how it goes
It's Gucci!

No, bet you can’t do it like this
Fully loaded diamond on both of my wrists
Me and [?] gon’ scheme on your b**h
Add it to me n***a, get money out the six
Scream my name
Got a hundred in the six
I ain’t no [?]
I’m a juug this mid
Pint coming in, I’m a lean like this
I hit hard, like shawty you lit

f** all these rappers
My [?]
Came in like this
Turning up on you bastards
After I smash
Lil n***a can have her
f** from the front
Then I’m turning her backwards
Ask all those strippers, I stay with that cash
I’m in a [?] I’m moving them bags
Play with that money
We put on a man
Know no limit, we bustin’ your a**

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I walked in
Throwing to the ceiling
Looking like a muthaf**ing milli
Looking like a muthaf**ing goddess
Stop flexing b**h, you aint really poppin’
Rosay poppin’
b**h we poppin’
You ain’t really jockin’
Y’all n***as flexing
y’all ain’t got it

I got 2 b**hes
They’re getting’ wild
These b**hes want to do doggie style
I got one Black and I got one Chinese
She be talking to me she say, “kung pow!”
I f**ed it up, I just made a [?]
Smokin’ this sh** up, I made a cloud
Just f**ed it up at the after hour
Four four two, yeah they came with the ground
b**h yo a** ugly
And yo a** musty
So free b**h, here go a ball down
Stinking a** breath, smell like black & mild
I’m fresh as hell, b**h wipe me down


All of these hoes be style
All my sh** be exclusive
She wants me, because I’m cooler
Looking like a god damn j**eler
Might fly to Bermuda
Thank God, A n***a rich, hallelujah
I feel high, and I barely even knew her
I f**ed her, now that b**h Luda
Wild in the bed, looking like Frank Lucas
Me and my god damn shooters
Carbon got a god damn cooler
Clip like a god damn ruler

These b**hes faded, be acting funny
All that she wants is a bag of money
Get her on molly she be actin’ slutty
Hit from the back, and she ain’t a buddy


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