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Bankroll Fresh - Walked In lyrics

Feat : Street Money Boochie & Travis Porter

(Yeah I’m back!)
(Yeah, Yeah)
Looking like a trapper when I walked in the building
That mean I got something expensive
Know my friends, they’re killin’
All these hoes I’m killin’
Nigga came from dope dealing
Dirt bike, four wheeling (woo)
Come up in the street I’m peeling (skurr)
Come up in the street I’m peeling

And I might just lose the ceiling
And I’m trying to grind up on a million
And I might kill it if feel it
Hell yeah!
Ya damn right I kill it if she give it
Matt got extension
Take it and we flip it
Take it and remix it
Bring it back
[?] Curry on them hoes
Bank to big
Need pockets like [?]
Hold up, wait!
Know exactly how it goes
It's Gucci!

No, bet you can’t do it like this
Fully loaded diamond on both of my wrists
Me and [?] gon’ scheme on your bitch
Add it to me nigga, get money out the six
Scream my name
Got a hundred in the six
I ain’t no [?]
I’m a juug this mid
Pint coming in, I’m a lean like this
I hit hard, like shawty you lit

Fuck all these rappers
My [?]
Came in like this
Turning up on you bastards
After I smash
Lil nigga can have her
Fuck from the front
Then I’m turning her backwards
Ask all those strippers, I stay with that cash
I’m in a [?] I’m moving them bags
Play with that money
We put on a man
Know no limit, we bustin’ your ass

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I walked in
Throwing to the ceiling
Looking like a muthafucking milli
Looking like a muthafucking goddess
Stop flexing bitch, you aint really poppin’
Rosay poppin’
Bitch we poppin’
You ain’t really jockin’
Y’all niggas flexing
y’all ain’t got it

I got 2 bitches
They’re getting’ wild
These bitches want to do doggie style
I got one Black and I got one Chinese
She be talking to me she say, “kung pow!”
I fucked it up, I just made a [?]
Smokin’ this shit up, I made a cloud
Just fucked it up at the after hour
Four four two, yeah they came with the ground
Bitch yo ass ugly
And yo ass musty
So free bitch, here go a ball down
Stinking ass breath, smell like black & mild
I’m fresh as hell, Bitch wipe me down


All of these hoes be style
All my shit be exclusive
She wants me, because I’m cooler
Looking like a god damn jeweler
Might fly to Bermuda
Thank God, A nigga rich, hallelujah
I feel high, and I barely even knew her
I fucked her, now that bitch Luda
Wild in the bed, looking like Frank Lucas
Me and my god damn shooters
Carbon got a god damn cooler
Clip like a god damn ruler

These bitches faded, be acting funny
All that she wants is a bag of money
Get her on molly she be actin’ slutty
Hit from the back, and she ain’t a buddy


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