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Bankroll Fresh - Bring Them Things lyrics

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
How I'm going crazy crazy crazy b**h I get it
These b**hes popping mollies like the hippies in the 60's
Bring your a** to East Atlanta I don't do deliveries
I'm talking like I'm Tony Montana
Homes ain't k**ing no children
In Sun Valley with blue new Ballys and
Bricks all under the building
Homegirl said her man getting money
But I ain't seen the n***a I missed it
New Lambo and I'm sitting real low
Sliding riding without my ceiling
Used to be my ho, you can have that ho
My n***a I ain't got no feelings
Before I started rapping, Gucci Mane was selling dope
Her brother want to meet me but I'm steady saying 'no'
Call my phone again, I'mma have to tell 'em 'go'
2 hundred squares, hundred pairs
What's the price - low (Gucci)

[Hook: Yung Fresh]
Bring them things in, bring them things in
When you come, man make sure you have them dividends
Hope you got a whole bunch of hundreds
So I can easily count it
Man I'm going hard, summertime them Forgies mounted
How you doing? Im going stupid, going dumb b**h
I'm a Zone 3 n***a you know I'm on that slum sh**
And my n***a from that 6
And he juugin off them bricks
And he f**ing with Yung Fresh
And they know the streets is back (hey)

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Johnny Dang on my wrist
Cost 'bout a couple bricks
Got Vellanos on my whips
Forgiatos on my whips
Got the .40 on my hip
With 'bout 50 in the clip
Hit the kitchen, hit the strip
Drop some pounds and some zips
Hit the block, sell it here
Hit your block, let it rip
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She give me top in that six
b**h my watch very clear
And my pockets very fat
And I stay spending racks
Spend them stacks, get it back
12 chickens in the back
Migos meet me in the front
b**h this ain't what I want
Try to play me like a punk
My n***as will leave you slumped
Migos meet me in the front
b**h this ain't what I want
Try to play me like a punk
My n***as will leave you slumped


[Verse 3: Yung Fresh]
Juugin off the mid
On the table is the Sig
Man we got cameras in the front
We see you backing in (I see you n***a hey)
When you come in
Make sure you have them hundreds then
We count dividends
Only conversating if you spend
Super charge straight A
Charger see it on them rims
b**h I'm f**ing head in
You been a real n***a when (when?)
If you wanna buy ten
Come and buy a thirty-six
Charge him thirty-two nicks
That's a five for the drive
Benz top circumcised
And you know the body wide
Glock 9 on my thigh
Hit him right between the eyes
Yung Fresh street n***a
b**h I'm from the Jack City
Allen Temple riding with me
If you want it come get it (Fresh)

[Hook: Yung Fresh]

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