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Bankroll Fresh - Bankroll lyrics

[Intro: Ca$h Out]
Stop hatin' and get you a bankroll
You'll feel better
I just want a bankroll, BR man

[Hook: Ca$h Out]
Boy, hang with double Gs, everything is Gucci
We be at the table eating lots of sushi
She a gangsta b**h, she stuff it in her coochie
Boy, I hang with winners and you keep on losin'
I just want a bankroll (x4)
Boy, hang with double Gs, everything is Gucci
We be at the table eating lots of sushi

[Verse 1: Ca$h Out]
A hundred dollar place, thousand dollar shoes
Fifty thousand for my j**els, "ooh, he so cool"
These b**hes wanna touch me, these b**hes wanna f** me
Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll, that's all of my discussion
A hundred new rollies, I'm pimpin' like Goldie
She workin', she workin', she workin'
She t**n', she t**n', she t**n'
I'm lurkin', I'm lurkin', I'm lurkin', I'm looking for the bankroll
Lookin' at my clock like "When the bank close?"
I love them blue hundas, she lookin' at my pockets like
"Brrr, lovin' them drogas", them bands baby
God damn, look at all of that in them pants baby
Bankroll, bankroll, hey, I'm the man baby
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[Verse 2: Bankroll Fresh]
Got a bankroll in all four pockets
I'mma get me a bankroll as soon as door lockin'
Bankroll sloppy, n***a, fallin' out of pockets
All these motherf**ers hungry, not a f**in' tube stocking
So many f**in' bankrolls, coulda bought a Robin
So many f**in' bankrolls, time to count a thousand
Twenty grand, five sittin', two to mow the ground wit'
Babies on a motherf**er, no seven thousand
Bankroll, long head, gone in a Audi
n***a seen the powder, powder on the ceiling
Powder on the ceiling, all these b**h n***as tellin'
p**y n***a tellin' tryna make me a f**in' felon
Big bankrolls, all the hoes, I'm flexin'
Keep bankrolls on me, no second guessin'
Cashin' out, bankroll, n***a wanna bet it
Carry zone-a n***as, we VVS-in' - 357, don't try 211
f** around, you gon' meet the f**in' decon and the reverend
Reverend and the decon, leave a n***a leakin'
I ain't talkin' to you broke hoes cause the money speakin'
Ca$h Out leavin' for the cash up in the evening
Drop a Cleveland, in traffic weekend
Got it on me right now cause the trap beamin'
Bankroll, p**y a** n***a, we eatin', gone


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