Balsam Range - Burning georgia down lyrics

The Yankee letter said that they'd be comin' any day
And if you planned on getting out alive
We'd best be on our way
Our tattered grey was torn between if we should run or fight
But our Southern pride swelled up inside as we dug in for the night
Then I heard a rider callin'. They're coming down the road
And the fiery flash of twenty pounders started to explode
We tried our best to stop them but our efforts were in vain
In the distance you could hear the sound of Dixie's last refrain

They're burnin' Georgia down
Those devils dressed in blue
They took the higher ground
Dying's all we can do

And let us, bound to fall
Smell the smoke and the cinder
Their burnin' Georgia down
But we never will surrender

Instrumental SOLO

Sherman left Atlanta leading
Sixty thousand of his best
Spreading the destruction over 50 miles of rest
Marching to the Sea, leaving nothing in their path
Factory farms and churches, nothing spared their wrath
Ah, Christmas day in ‘64, they cut off all supplies
And then they offered Mr. Lincoln up, Savannah has a prize
And though our lives are broken, we fought on ‘til the end
And pray someday we'll find some way to Dixie once again


They're burning Georgia Down
But we never will surrender


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