Balsam Range - Any Old Road (Will Take You There) lyrics

Verse 1
He slammed the door behind him, called his daddy “dumb”
He left home with tomorrow a-ridin' on his thumb
No particular direction, seventeen and scared
Hitched a ride beside the road, driver said “Son, where you goin?'”
He said “anywhere but here”
If you don't know where you're goin', any old road will take you there
When it's ramblin' seeds you're sowin', you can't find the will to care
Any way you travel, red dirt, clay or gravel
Lost without a prayer, destination anywhere
Any old road will take you there

Verse 2
A little all night café, a young woman there in tears
The waitress says “You want some coffee? Does anybody know you're here?”
She slowly tells a story, says “he don't love me anymore
I left my ring there by the bed and I don't know what lies ahead
I've never been this ‘gone' before”
Sometimes the road is narrow, sometimes the path is straight
At times we face so many curves our turns are hard to take
Out there runnin' scared, in the middle of nowhere
Any old road will take you there

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