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BackWordz - The Professional Protester lyrics

Fake, fraud, I see it in your eyes
Keep putting up that facade
And it's probably gon' be your surprise
Acting tough until the wheels fall off
And you can protest. Yet
Ignore the heart of the issue and you know this
I done seen so many folks call themselves pro-black
Ready to march at the drop of a hat
But they won't dare criticize the folks in their own town
Running their city into the ground
'Cause they terrorize, too
The only difference is they look just like you
They're your uncle
They're your brother
They're your cousin
But you sit back and say nothing
What, you're scared?
How many more kids gotta get filled up with lead?
The k**er was the same color
But he offed somebody's baby brother

What stares back at you when you look into the mirror?
Do you recognize the person you've become?

We represent the 13% of the U.S. Population
But we represent like half the homicides since like '75
k**ing our own kind at a faster rate
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Than every other race and that's a disgrace
We can stop police brutality
But these problems ain't going away
A gangsta, and you boast and brag
k**ing people over territory and flags, you're sad
Robbing grandmommas, you're a bonafide dimwit
It's like you're on a mission to be another statistic

What stares back at you when you look into the mirror?
Do you recognize the person you've become?
This doesn't have to be your destiny, you can find your way out

You are not real. You're a coward
Most of our problems are in-house
But you're silent like a mouse
And you want to cry, yet pout
It is too easy to point the finger
It's convenient to point the blame
But it takes courage to realize what you ain't bout
Unfortunately that's something that you ain't got

You're fake
Your activism is not the truth
It's nothing more than an ego boost
You're fake
So you can shout and pout
So you go ahead, take the easy route

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